Let us help you find the perfect hat

Susan Carrolan stitching the inside sizing band in a straw hat

Measuring your head circumference is essential for getting the perfect fit. To properly get your correct head size, measure the circumference of your head with a fabric tape measure, placing the tape one inch above the eyebrows and ears. Please do not pull too tightly on the measuring tape, as you do not want your hat to fit too tightly on your head!

Inside each hat is a narrow white ribbon encased in the grosgrain ribbon. If your hat feels a bit loose, simply pull this ribbon and tie it in a bow. It will cause that ribbon to cinch tighter around your head allowing for a tighter fit. It the hat feels tight, simply untie this ribbon (if it is tied). 




Unisex Sizes (in inches)

Small - 21 ¾" 
Medium - 22 ½" or hat size 7 ⅛
Large - 23" or hat size 7 ¼
X-Large - 23 ½" or hat size 7 ⅜

If you are in between sizes, please size up. You can always tighten your hat with the ribbon inside.

Other Sizes

Please contact us for a hat smaller than 21 ¾" or larger than 23 ½". We may be able to accommodate your request depending on the style of hat. Prices may vary.